#4YFN – The day after

The show

The 4YFN’s webpage starts with: “4YFN (Four Years From Now) is a business event where startups, investors, corporations and public institutions can discover, create and launch new ventures together.”

True and nothing but the truth. The organization and the audience, the key points of a successful and useful event. The 700 investors (money), 650 start-ups (partnership), 250 speakers (mentoring) and more than 19,000 visitors generates a business environment with great opportunities for start-ups. As BitPhy’s first experience at 4YFN event we had big expectations for the show and we were not disappointed.


Can you explain a little bit about what you do? The elevator pitch

You want to be known and you want that people understand what you do. “BitPhy is a start-up that provides predictive analytics for the retail sector. How we do that? We remotely access remotely the POS data and we add a layer of algorithmics and machine learning that…” Time is limited and no more than a 1 minute to get the attention of the audience to start a deeper discussion. The elevator pitch is the tool that you will use as often as necessary in the show. After 3 days speaking and explaining about our company we feel we know even better what we do know!

The visibility opportunities

One of the most valuable advantages that the 4YFN provides to the start-ups is the visibility. With a simple plan, and the umbrella of BCN Activa we had the chance to execute a mini-marketing plan that allowed us to meet some big players. The focus is on the start-ups!


So, what’s next?

We have already started the post-4YFN action plan to take profit of the experience with a discussion on the potential benefits and on the lessons learned. One interesting metric to investigate will be the success conversion ratio. After the good feelings and feedback we received during the show, it’s time to make it real. Will our after-4YFN plan be good enough? Only effort and time will show!

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