6 septiembre, 2018

Nuevas tecnologías para tu tienda

¿Qué problemas tienen los retailers para usar Big Data e IA y cuál es la solución? Los retailers son conscientes de que las nuevas tecnologías pueden aportar mucho a sus empresas. Por ejemplo el Big Data y la Inteligencia Artificial […]
5 marzo, 2018

#4YFN – The day after

The show The 4YFN’s webpage starts with: “4YFN (Four Years From Now) is a business event where startups, investors, corporations and public institutions can discover, create and launch new ventures together.” True and nothing but the truth. The organization and […]
21 febrero, 2018

The 80/20 rule in a shop

About Pareto’s principle, power-law distributions and their impact in shop data analysis   How do tickets in a shop distribute? Sally is the owner of a grocery store in a market place in a large Mediterranean city, where she sells […]
21 febrero, 2018

BitPhy features in ViaEmpresa

The folks at ViaEmpresa have interviewed our CEO, Joan Oller. They dubbed us “The fortune tellers of the retail sector” in the headline. We couldn’t help laughing a bit in the office, because what we do is a little bit […]
2 diciembre, 2017

The right flow to start a data project.

There is a huge difference whether a business mission stumbles across either tech or data vision. If it is the latter approach it is totally different to the former one and the goal is addressed looking at what data someone […]
19 octubre, 2017

The importance of the data in the decision making of your company

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